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About Us

Custom plans for your financial future

360 Financial can create custom retirement plans and wealth strategies for individuals and businesses. We also handle accounting and tax prep. Call 540-562-0123 for a free consultation.

Think of us as your “family office.” Whether you’re a business owner or a head-of-household looking to make smart decisions about your money, we’re here to help. Our credentialed professionals work together to create the best strategies for you. This includes finding customized ways to help reduce tax liabilities and increase your net worth.

The company was built to serve people like us: hard-working folks looking for someone they can trust to explain strategies and answer questions without jargon. You deserve to have the same opportunities as the ultra-rich for a price you can afford. If you have your eyes set on leaving a legacy or are simply trying to manage the challenges of a small business, we’ve created services designed with you in mind.

All the financial services you may need are under one roof. Now you don’t have to worry about what kind of CPA or accountant you need of if your tax preparer is talking to your investment advisor. Our unique service mix includes:

  • 360+ Accounting & more: Our low-cost option for business bookkeeping. We use proprietary AI software to save costs of the typical accounting firm. This lets our professional staff spend their time focused on analyzing your issues and providing strategic advice instead of data entry and financial reports.
  • 360 Wealth Consultants: We serve you as fiduciaries, which means if we give you an hour of advice, you pay an hourly rate for our time – not a percentage of your investment portfolio. This eliminates conflict-of-interest issues (or double dipping on commissions and asset under management fees). You get customized advice geared toward your particular goals. We get the pride and excitement that comes with helping you make wise decisions.
  • 360 Tax Solutions: Affordable rates for tax & estate planning, retirement income strategy solutions, and IRS letter resolution. With today’s audits increasingly shouldered by low to mid income earners, DIY and drive-through tax preparer solutions are unwise. Those pennies you thought you were saving can turn into big bucks if returns are done wrong. We’ll help you determine the best strategies for paying the least amount of taxes possible while ensuring your returns are completed correctly.

We partner with you every step of the way and explain – in plain English – what we’re doing and recommending.

Oh, yeah, we also have 44 years of combined experience in our leadership team. Our credentialed professional experts include CPAs, EAs, RFCs, CRPCs and more.

We Are Aready to Work with You

While we can work with clients in most states virtually, if you prefer having a local office for face-to-face interactions, these are available in the following cities: Roanoke, VA  |  Lynchburg, VA |  Richmond, VA |  Bethesda, MD |  Charleston, SC

Our team

President & CEO

Michael Shelton, RFC

Michael is well-known as the region’s “go-to” Consultant for financial needs. Michael’s specialty is in the Medical and Real-Estate business owner needs. Michael is known for being a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro as well as a Dave Ramsey ELP for Tax Services. Michael also has a second office in Lynchburg to handle the referrals he receives from Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University. Michael received the prestigious Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation from the College for Financial Planning. He then obtained the Registered Financial Consultant credential. Michael has also been seen on the local CBS, FOX and NBC Affiliates, and has appeared in The Roanoke Times, Valley Business Front Magazine, and many other media outlets. With this attention, Michael has built a network with some of the best local strategic partners for his clients. Michael is an Iraqi Freedom War veteran that actively participates in many veterans’ organizations and his church. He is also the Immediate Past President of the Brambleton Area Business Association (BABA). In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family; his beautiful Registered Nurse and wife, Whitney, and especially his two young daughters; watch and play sports; and cook.

Client Relationship Manager

Lauren Curry, MBA

Lauren joined the team in January of 2021 and has been a great addition. She’s everyone’s first point of contact at 360 Financial Solutions. In addition to strategizing and managing our company systems, she’s also responsible for onboarding wealth management and tax clients. She brings 10 years of customer service experience to her role as Client Relationship Manager.
Lauren holds an MBA from Liberty University with specialization in international business. She also has two bachelor’s degrees, including a BA in business administration and a BS in economics from the University of Mary Washington.

Registered Financial Consultant

Jacob Dalton, RFC

Jacob is the founder and President of Tactical Financial, a strategic partner of 360. Jacob specializes in insurance and accounting services offered through 360. He represents the firm in Charleston, SC helping business owners and retirees with their financial needs.

Onboarding Specialist

Jessica Williams

Jessica handles payroll, bookkeeping and tax preparation for our clients and is another friendly voice when you have a question about these matters. Jessica has became an expert in problem solving many items throughout 360. Her attention to detail and organizational abilities has made her an asset for the business and our clients. Jessica is a graduate of Liberty University where she successfully achieved a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration: Project Management.

Tax Consultant & Bookkeeper

Bill Bocook

Bill has been with 360 for 14 years! He handles bookkeeping, payroll, and sales tax. He enjoys helping the firm’s clients and getting to know them both professionally and personally. Bill previously spent 25 years working for the Pilot Corporation where he held the positions of cashier, head cashier, assistant manager, manager and the director of maintenance. Prior to Pilot, Bill managed a convenience store in Georgia. Bill had a couple of mentors along the way who influenced who he is. He “watched, listened, and took to heart,” the lessons that they wanted him to learn and this had a profound effect on his character. These lessons included how to naturally care about clients and how to help them succeed. Other lessons were also rooted in faith which he also still practices today. Bill has enjoyed all that he has learned so far over his long career and says that he has the “desire to work, to continue to learn, and experience.”

Tax Consultant

Vivian Cundiff

Vivian has prepared taxes for over 30 years. She brings incredible knowledge to the office, especially with the clients in the retirement phase of their life. She prepares the majority of the Real Estate tax returns, as well as Michael’s investment client tax returns. Vivian constantly stays up-to-date with tax codes in her aim to reduce every client’s tax burden.