financial concerns for llcs and s-corps

As your business grows, keeping current and accurate financial reports gives you an advantage. Loans, lines of credit, or a business sale can cost less or get you more if you know your numbers. An accounting professional can help you make appropriate adjustments. When you make small changes in how you handle money, it can have a big effect the interest you pay or the price you get for your business. There are other advantages to outsourcing. This can include reduced expenses for late payments, better decisions on capital improvements, smarter depreciation schedules, and fewer unnecessary expenditures for products or services you’re not using. Financial concerns for LLCs and S-corps can be challenging but we’re here to help.

Consider how a day in your life might change with professional support in some of these areas:


Bookkeeping is one area many business owners dislike or neglect. If you’re billing at more than $25 an hour, your time is probably better spent serving clients than recording transactions. AI software can partially automate the process doing data entry while CPAs focus majority time on reviewing your financials to offer ideas for reducing expenses or increasing income. They’ll also identify patterns and flag issues. Here’s how it works.   

If you’re still filing a Schedule C as an LLC in Virginia, you’re likely giving a lot more to Uncle Sam than necessary. The Commonwealth allows you to file taxes as a S Corp, which can result substantial tax savings. It makes sense to put yourself on payroll if you make the switch. The IRS is increasingly insisting on W-2 paperwork for business owners. 


Taxes are a pain for anyone, but they’re getting much more complicated with recent rule changes. Small shifts in how you report your numbers can make a big difference in what you owe. Tax reporting can now be integrated with bookkeeping automation to ensure all your numbers are current. This also makes filing easier and can be a big cost savings not only in creating tax returns, but also in keeping an almost real-time eye on business financials so quick adjustments can be made as issues arise.

With so many financial concerns for LLCs and S-Corps, do you really want to go it alone? Set up your free 15-minute exploratory session today. We’ll decide, together, if we’re a good fit.