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At 360 Wealth Consulting, we provide a full range of financial services for both businesses and individuals. Because this is all handled under one roof, our tax professionals communicate with our wealth management team. This means the approaches we recommend are designed to ensure legacy decisions are made in concert with tax planning strategies.

Our in-house services include financial planning, wealth management, practical tax strategies, tax return completion & filing, AI-enhanced accounting, payroll, succession planning, and business formation support. We also work with companies and individuals to help set up and manage employee retirement plans. If you have additional needs, we have a proven team of outstanding professionals we can refer you to for your insurance, legal, and other concerns.

Some of our industry financial specialties include construction, healthcare, small business, real estate, legal, and colleges. While we work with other business clients, we have deep knowledge in these areas and a keen understanding of the nuances and challenges of these sectors.

Enjoy our free tip sheets to get ideas you can easily implement to retain and save more money as you manage your business.

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