Construction Accounting

Construction Accounting

Construction accounting that’s easier, faster, better, & pain-free

It’s not easy running a construction company. The simultaneous projects to manage, subs to keep track of, supplies to order, staffing issues, and cash flow concerns all make your job challenging. Why add bookkeeping mistakes and accounting headaches to the mix?

360+ offers a turnkey solution that combines bleeding-edge AI technology with professional human oversight to keep your financials accurate, up-to-date, and easy to access 24/7. We can integrate all your business banking and credit card accounts with payroll and wealth management. The cost for this is less than a typical manual-entry accountant and the results could save you a lot in taxes.

Do you know what assets and equipment to replace to maximize tax benefits? Are you keeping good track of depreciation concerns? Can you tell what you actually have on your balance sheet at a glance? Is client billing and collections becoming a problem?

How would it feel to be able to better leverage your money? Would you like to grow your business with a smart eye on your bottom line? 360+ offers a variety of opportunities with this efficient, cost-effective service that can include:

  • Bookkeeping in near real time
  • On-demand financial reports
  • Financial consulting support
  • Integrated payroll services
  • Quarterly payroll tax filings
  • Estimated taxes and tax return preparation
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Do you really want to personally track what clients owe, what you owe vendors, and what money is in your account but is already committed elsewhere? Why not let us integrate your current accounting software, spearhead your bookkeeping, pay your bills, and reconcile accounts?

Unlike other industries, construction businesses have to remain mobile and provide services in new locations all the time. Chances are, you have to monitor costs of travel time, equipment rental and delivery fees, material purchasing costs for each individual project, and the costs of clearing all materials from your job sites upon completion. These factors impact your ability to do effective job costing—especially with change orders— when bidding on potential projects. Maintaining a general ledger for each project with daily reports is overwhelming. If you want to remain profitable, though, that’s today’s new normal. When your essential bookkeeping tasks are backlogged, you lose.

It’s time to focus on what you do best. Run your company. We’ll help you take care of the rest. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation today to determine if this financial support service might be a good fit for your business.

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