Small Business Accounting

Small business accounting made simpler

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Chances are, one of them is bookkeeper. Either that, or you’ve delegated the task to someone making less than $25 an hour, which means you need to worry about their expertise.

You’re not alone. Most small companies struggle with how to handle daily financial concerns. Outsourcing financial tasks to a CPA or accounting firm may seem terrifying and expensive. Doing it inhouse can lead to expensive mistakes. Now, there’s a better way. Today’s technology brings a new, simpler, more affordable reality.

Whether you’re a C-corp, S-corp, or solopreneur, bookkeeping, payroll, tax filing, and financial reports can be done with AI assisted technology handling the mundane data entry so the experts you hire to handle your money concerns focus on strategy. 360+ offers a turnkey solution that combines bleeding-edge AI technology with professional human oversight to keep your financials accurate, up-to-date, and easy to access 24/7.

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We can integrate all your business banking and credit card accounts with payroll and financial management. The cost for this is less than what you’d likely pay your receptionist for the hourly time she takes to do your bookkeeping and invoicing badly. The results could save you a lot in taxes, headaches, and lost opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a few items off your worry list? How would it feel to have an easy, affordable, and seamless way to delegate some of those hats? We’re here to help you grow with less effort. Afterall, we only succeed when our clients do too.

360+ offers a variety of opportunities for smart small business owners seeking a more efficient, accurate, practical, and cost-effective way to manage their company. These can include:

  • Bookkeeping in near real time
  • On-demand financial reports
  • Financial consulting support
  • Integrated payroll services
  • Quarterly payroll tax filings
  • Estimated taxes and tax return preparation

Do you really want to personally track all the financial concerns that impact the success of your business? If you’re not doing it, are you honestly comfortable with a multi-tasking, low-wage employee getting it all right?

Why not let us integrate your current accounting software, spearhead your bookkeeping, pay your bills, and reconcile accounts? Schedule a free consult to determine if we’re a good fit. You might be surprised to discover how affordable our support can be.

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