when should you delegate financial duties?

At some point, your business got bigger than a side gig. Have you hired professional help for stuff you don’t excel at or like to do? Or are you still trying to handle everything yourself? When you run the numbers, you might be surprised with the actual cost of DIY or piecemeal solutions. Whether you’re a solopreneur, LLC, S Corp, or C Corp, we offer some ideas about when and how to delegate financial duties.     

Maybe you inherited your parent’s business where the receptionist is responsible for billing. Does a hodgepodge of Excel spreadsheets house financials? Would it help you to have someone else fix this mess and manage it moving forward?

Perhaps you have a business that’s growing quickly and are struggling with the new demands on your time and staff? Even if your business income is shrinking, objective perspectives from specialists can help you realize and manage future growth.

It’s hard being a business owner at any time, but today, the role has become even more challenging. There’s so much you can’t control. Fortunately, there are opportunities to help you get your power back in ways you probably hadn’t imagined.

Consider how bringing in expert talent could improve your business operations and quality of life.

A different approach to bookkeeping

Did you know your bookkeeping can be partially automated? Bleeding edge technology pairs AI learning software with CPA professional oversight to capture all your financials in almost real time. This includes business bank transactions, credit card purchases, and other accounts you choose to include as part of your QuickBooks ledger. All this is recorded seamlessly, without you having to track, forward, or do data entry. It makes it a lot easier to know when to delegate financial duties.

  • Are all those hats you’re wearing starting to make your shoulders feel heavy?
  • Would you like to be able to get up-to-date financial reports in almost real time?
  • Have you considered using computer learning to make your life easier?
  • Is payroll costing you time and money?
  • Do taxes give you headaches?

If you’ve been frustrated by not being able to get currently financial reports when you need them, are having to document then send financial information to your accountant, or lament being in the dark about where you stand today money wise with your business, perhaps there’s a better solution. It’s affordable for just about any small business owner too. Here’s how it works.