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Isn’t it time someone customized solutions to meet your unique needs?

Whether you’re a business owner seeking affordable & responsive accounting and tax support or an individual aiming for retirement ease, we develop a tailored plan for you.

You’ll enjoy the comfort and freedom of focusing on what you do best. We’ll create the strategies and provide the associated support so you can. Want to know what’s even better? We have all your financial needs under one roof. That can mean big savings from retirement decisions come tax time.

Now’s the time to get smarter about money management.

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360+: Business Accounting made simple

Our proprietary AI-assisted accounting solutions ensure you benefit from what our CPAs do best: creating smart strategies and reviewing your financials with a careful eye. Do you really want to be paying accountant rates for data-entry? Chances are, if you’ve engaged another firm, that’s what you’re doing. Our approach not only puts professional time on high-value tasks, but also ensures your reports are current, accurate, and available 24/7.

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Personalized and personable Wealth Management Solutions

Our fiduciary approach to wealth management means we’ll help you design a plan to meet your goals without taking a percentage of your hard-earned savings every year. You simply pay by the hour for expert consult to help you reach your particular goals.

Everything under one roof

If the person you’ve hired to manage your retirement investments isn’t communicating with your tax preparer, it will likely cost you more than you can imagine. Investment decisions can have huge tax ramifications if your current year income isn’t calculated against potential capital gains. Once taxes are due, it’s too late to fix this.
The 360 team includes tax preparers, accountants, CPAs, and credentialed wealth management specialists. We communicate with each other before we offer strategic recommendations. This means you’ll keep more of your money by reducing tax liability costs on big picture decisions. We’ll get together before year-end to make sure retirement saving decisions don’t have you owing unnecessary sums to Uncle Sam.

Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro

Michael Shelton, the owner of the 360 companies, has been selected as one of Dave Ramsey’s recommended financial providers. Criteria is based on outstanding financial knowledge, client service, and excellent advice focused on exceeding client expectations. Michael brings his knowledge of wealth building and tax preparation strategies to every client’s account. All SmartVestor Pros must go through an interview process and are constantly being evaluated based on customer feedback. Those who don’t consistently perform up to Dave’s high standards are eliminated from the program.

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Share your issues and we’ll help you find possible solutions. If you come prepared, we’ll be able to cover a lot in our 15 minutes together. This isn’t a sales pitch. It’s an intensive brainstorming session to explore ways to address your challenges and determine if we might be a good fit.